TASU 1.0


TASU is a cutting-edge audio plugin that brings a wealth of creative possibilities to your music production and sound design endeavors. This powerful plugin combines multiple effects into one versatile package, offering a range of distortion options, chorus modulation, a clipper effect, and an intriguing vibrator effect.
TASU’s distortion section is where the magic begins. With four distinct types of distortion available, you can sculpt your sound to perfection. The “Soft Fuzz” setting provides a gentle, warm distortion that adds richness and texture without overwhelming the original signal.
On the other hand, the “Hard Fuzz” setting delivers an aggressive and gritty distortion, perfect for driving guitars or creating intense synth tones. The “Tube Saturation” option emulates the classic warmth and harmonic richness of tube amplifiers, ideal for adding vintage flavor to your tracks. Finally, the “Diode Fuzz” offers a unique and distinctive fuzzy tone with a touch of retro charm.
The chorus effect in Tasu adds depth, movement, and dimension to your sounds. By adjusting the rate, depth, and feedback controls, you can create everything from subtle widening to lush, swirling textures. Whether you want to enhance guitars, synths, or vocals, the chorus effect in Tasu will breathe life into your audio, giving it a captivating and immersive quality

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