SOFTCLIP is a type of audio distortion effect that is commonly used in music production and audio engineering. It is a non-linear distortion effect that can add warmth, depth, and character to audio signals. In contrast to hard clipping, which causes harsh and abrupt distortion when a signal exceeds a certain threshold, soft clipping gradually rounds off the peaks of the waveform, creating a more pleasing and natural distortion.
When an audio signal is processed with a soft clipper, the peaks of the waveform are compressed and rounded off, reducing the amplitude of the loudest parts of the signal. This results in a subtle distortion effect that can add harmonics and enhance the perceived
loudness of the audio without causing the harsh, unnatural sound associated with hard clipping.
Soft clipping can be used on a variety of audio sources, including individual tracks, groups of tracks, and entire mixes. It is particularly useful for adding warmth and character to instruments with high transient content, such as drums and percussion, and for enhancing the sustain and harmonic richness of guitars and other stringed instruments. A preset window allows you to save your favorite custom presets. Support host automation.

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