TFL-ANGER is a audio effect that creates a sweeping, swirling sound by duplicating an audio signal and then slightly delaying one of the copies while modulating its delay time over time. This results in peaks and dips in the frequency spectrum, creating a characteristic “whooshing” sound.
The most basic parameters of TFL-ANGER are the rate and depth of the modulation. The rate controls how quickly the delay time is modulated, while the depth controls the amount of delay time modulation. Adjusting these parameters can create different flanger effects ranging from subtle to extreme.
TFL-ANGER also offer additional controls to adjust the feedback, mix, and frequency range of the effect. The feedback control determines how much of the flanged signal
is fed back into the effect, creating a resonant effect. The mix control determines the balance between the dry and wet signals, allowing you to blend the effect with the original audio. The frequency range control allows you to specify which frequency range the flanger effect should be applied to, which can be useful for creating a more targeted effect.
TFL-ANGER can be a powerful tool for adding movement and interest to a track. It can be used subtly to add depth to a mix, or more aggressively to create a psychedelic, experimental sound. With the various parameters and controls available, you can tweak the effect to fit the specific needs of your project.

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