T-DISTORT audio plugin is a software effect that is used to create distortion in an audio signal. The plugin uses a technique called oversampling to reduce aliasing distortion, resulting in a cleaner sound. The Half Band Polyphase algorithm is used to reduce the computational load while maintaining the same level of quality.
The plugin offers several parameters that can be adjusted to customize the distortion effect. The Drive parameter controls the input gain of the distortion effect, allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of distortion applied to the signal. The Volume parameter adjusts the output level of the plugin. The Mix parameter determines the balance between the dry and wet signals, allowing you to blend the distorted signal with the original audio.
The DC Offset parameter controls any DC offset present in the audio signal, which can affect the overall sound of the distortion effect. The Lowpass and Highpass filters are used to shape the frequency response of the audio signal before it is distorted. The Lowpass filter attenuates frequencies above a specified cutoff point, while the Highpass filter attenuates frequencies below a specified cutoff point.

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