EQ2PEAK is an audio equalizer with two bands and low cut and high cut. It is a tool used to adjust the balance of frequency levels in an audio signal. The two bands refer to the number of frequency ranges that can be adjusted, with each band typically covering a specific range of frequencies. The low cut and high cut refer to the ability to reduce or eliminate frequencies at the lower and higher ends of the audio spectrum. This can be useful for removing unwanted background noise or for adjusting the overall balance of the audio to better suit
the listener’s preferences. Some common applications of audio equalizers include adjusting the sound of music recordings, adjusting the balance of sound in a film or video, and adjusting the sound of live performances. It is designed to provide enhanced clarity and versatility for tonal shaping, mixing, and mastering.
Features: Two band parametric equalizer. Graphical edition response. Support host automation. Load and save presets. Two channels stereo.

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