ANLOVRD is a software plugin that simulate the sound and behavior of analog distortion and overdrive circuits. ANLOVRD aim to recreate the warm and rich sound that is typically associated with vintage analog gear, such as guitar amps, tape machines, and analog synthesizers. ANLOVRD can be used in a wide range of applications, from adding grit and character to individual tracks to creating entire mixes that have a vintage feel. They are particularly popular in genres such as rock, blues, and electronic music, where distortion and saturation are often used to add energy and emotion to the music. One of the key features of analog drive is their ability to simulate the nonlinearities and harmonics that are characteristic of analog circuits. This means that when you apply an analog drive effect to a
signal, it will produce harmonics and overtones that are not present in the original signal, resulting in a richer and more complex sound.. A preset window allows you to save your favorite custom presets. Support host automation.

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