The audio software package includes a comprehensive suite of tools of 11 Audio Plugins for professional audio production. The Konpuressa / compressor helps control the dynamic range of audio signals, preventing them from becoming too loud or too quiet. The Kgeto / gate helps reduce unwanted noise in audio tracks, while the Rbtzion / robotization effect creates an artificial, robotic sound. Re-Zverb / reverb provides a sense of space to recordings, simulating the sound of a real-world environment. The Kringu / ring modulator is a unique effect that blends two signals to create a new, chiming sound. The Zdesser / de-esser helps to reduce sibilance, or excessive harshness, in vocals. The Tmrlow / tremolo effect adds a rhythmic, pulsing sound to audio tracks, while the Kpong / delay effect creates echoes and repeats. Finally, the Aiwah / autowah effect adds a wah-wah effect to audio signals, popular in funk and rock music. This audio software package offers a range of powerful and versatile effects that can be used to enhance any audio production and bring it to the next level.

Sold By: Koka Audio Solutions