ell, to be honest: one reason we love JM Jarre’s new vinyl disc is the synth picture on its coverThe photo shows a GRP A4 (beautiful!) and on the back an ARP 2600(even better!). Zero Gravity” is a mixture of JM Jarre and Tangerine Dreamthe music fresh and cheerful with lots of arpeggios and some dancefloor beats.


Zero Gravity” is taken from the new album “ELECTRONICA 1The Time Machine Collaborators“. That album was conceived with Jarre’s wish to encompass the last decades of electronic music with the participation of outstanding artists of all generations with whom Jarre feels especially connected with. The album features 15 different collaborators, including Vinca ClarkeJohn CarpenterTangerine DreamPete TownshendLaurie Anderson, and even  surprise  Lang Lang (a Chinese pianist).

Zero Gravity” has been released in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. A true vinyl, just like in the early days of Jarre … “back to the roots”, so to speak …

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